Barkley Malbec 8 Sax Soprano Gold Plated Mouthpiece Saxophone with Ligature

  • $350.00

Malbec Soprano

The Malbec is designed with Step Baffle which is a high deflector that provides high-intensity acute frequencies, and an average camera that results in severe frequencies accurately in the media/severe region and counts with the presence of many harmonics result of your shank to have a thicker thickness than most metal bushings.

It is manufactured from metal in CNC technology (Computer Numeric

Control) providing precise finishing and measurements and an unsurpassed sound; Hand Finished to have balanced, accurate and complete responses.


Material: Machined Brass

Color: Silver plated or gold plated

Finish: Hand finalized, tested one by one

Ligature: Included legitimate leather clamp with metal resonator + cap

Instruments: Alto/Tenor/Soprano


Soprano Sax #7 ~ 1.65 mm = 0.65 "

Soprano Sax #8 ~ 1.83 mm = 0.72 "