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Barkley Malbec 7 Alto Sax Gold Mouthpiece Saxophone w/ Clamp & Ressonator

by Barkley
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The Malbec metal mouthpiece is designed with the STEP baffle, a high baffle that provides high intensity high frequencies and a mid chamber that translates to accurately bass frequencies in the serious media / regions and has the presence of many harmonics resulting from its rod (spike) to have a thicker thickness than most metal mouthpieces.

Material: Brass
Produced in CNC Finish Hand
Glossy: Step Baffle (baffle)

Mouthpiece with a peculiar, intense sound, with the right amount of shine and
big volume. This model incorporates a high deflector and medium chamber, which
provide brilliant full, mid and high bass with resonance unsurpassed, and the presence of many harmonics. It is a metal mouthpiece made using CNC technology (Computer Numeric Control) providing precise finish and measurements and unsurpassed sound;
Finish Hand for balanced, accurate and accurate answers complete.

Recommended for Funk, Latin Jazz, Smoot Jazz and Rock

-01 Barkley Malbec 7 Alto Sax Metal Mouthpiece