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Barkley Jazz M 1.22mm Clarinet Black Mouthpiece

by Barkley
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The Jazz Mouthpiece for clarinet has a powerful and full-bodied sound, with great projection and great articulation in the attacks. Can be used with medium or harder reeds. Perfect for solos, choros and outdoor orchestras.

It provides great volume, centered sound and dynamic projection.

Outdoor concerts, solos and Brazilian music - Choro - are easy to manage with this mouthpiece that brings the necessary volume in an outdoor performance with the production of perfectly centered notes.

Material: Fiber resin

Clamp: Not included, we recommend the Barkley Clarinet Clamp (ABTCR)

Instruments: Clarinet

Bb Clarinet # M ~ 1.22mm = 0.0.48 "

Suitable for Martial Bands and Soloists

-01 Barkley Jazz M Clarinet Black Mouthpiece