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Barkley Jazz 7 Hybrid Tenor Sax Metal Black Mouthpiece Saxophone Music Accessory

by Barkley
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Aperture 7 for Tenor Sax Complete
Mouthpiece with a thin profile reminiscent of a metal mouthpiece.
It is extremely versatile, allowing the control of the musician to obtain a more brilliant and aggressive sound or more velvety and well-behaved. Its opening 7 allows optimum control of the air column, facilitating the emission in the entire length of the saxophone, from bass to super treble. It is a comfortable mouthpiece to play and adapts well to most reeds.
HYBRID: New concept in mouthpieces, is the big news of the moment. It is a mouthpiece made of high tech composite with a metal tube in the shank, that is, it has an internal brass tube and the external part in mass, combining characteristics of the two materials, providing an incredible and unique sound, with excellent brightness in the treble and easy to perform in the super highs.

-Tenor Sax mouthpiece
-Brand: Barkley
-Model: Jazz 7
-Material: Composite High Tech with silver metal tube on the shank
-Opening: Nº 7
-Measuring the tip opening: 2,400 mm or 0.094 "
-Main brightness
-Baffle with medium rollover
-Slim design (thin profile like a metal mouthpiece)
-Black color
-Complete, comes with clamp and copper-mouthpiece
-Easy to issue
-Great projection and sound
-Very versatile mouthpiece
-Ideal for beginners to professionals
-Excellent value for money
-Produced in Brazil

-01 Barkley Jazz 7 Hybrid Tenor Mouthpiece