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Barkley Classic S Soprano Sax Black Mouthpiece Classical Erudite Saxophone

by Barkley
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This mouthpiece model was developed for beginning and professional musicians. Its characteristic is striking, focused on classical and classical music because even with this footprint it has a more open projection. The design team recommends beginning musicians so that they can already have a basis on how to take a slightly more open projection, with a more velvety tone and other details. This mouthpiece model provides full-bodied, high-pitched bass with quick and accurate responses facilitating the performance of the Soprano Sax. The S (Small Soft) opening facilitates the control of the air column, allowing the musician to use harder reeds when he wants a darker and classic sound.

* Does not accompany copper mouthpiece
- Barkley Classic mouthpiece
- Pasta mouthpiece
- Material: Composite High Tech.
- Black color. Easy issuance.
- Amazing sound purity.
- Maximum homogeneity in all records, from low to high.
- Ideal for classical and light music.
- Suitable for classical and erudite.

-01 Barkley Classic S Soprano Sax Mouthpiece