Baby Antiallergic Sleeping Yellow White Plaid Print Handmade Hammock 3 ft by 1 ft

  • $49.00

The baby crib net is a powerful ally for moms, famous for reproducing an environment similar to mommy's womb, making your baby's sleep more calm and relaxing, making your sleep longer.
In addition, moms can swing the hammock so that your baby will return to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night.

The strings / handles of your net should be as straight as possible. Do not make loops or knots on the strings of your net, this can damage its use. Also make sure that the location you are setting up your network is fixed and secure.
Your net should be between 30 - 50 cm from the ground. Obey the maximum capacity indicated for your network and settle down so that you feel comfortable, safe and happy.
Use a HAMMOCK TIE extender to extend your hammock if it becomes too small for your space.

• Dimensions: 100 cm x 90 cm (3 ft by 1 ft)
• Fabric width: 90cm
• Total Length: 1.50 m (Wrist to Wrist)
• Weight: +/- 0.450 kg
• Composition: 100% Cotton
• Maximum Load Capacity: 20 kg
• Available Colors: All colors of the photos in the ad

• 01 Baby Hammock Unit
• 02 strings to assist in the frame