Sunyata Pon Lee 蜂胶公司

The Brand PON LEE was created in 1986 by company “Vem da Flor” (located in the City of São Gonçalo-RJ), with establishment registry SIF 2962, for the commercialization of Propolis, Pollen and Royal Jelly in particular.

In 1988 export was started, especially to Japan, taking the opportunity of the visit of the Japanese Trade Committee to Brazil, which was looking for new Brazilian products at that time.

Since then Propolis Extract has become the main product of the company, so in 1995, in order to facilitate its production, the construction of a new site was started in the City of Atibaia-SP, near to the State of Minas Gerais border, where the best Green Propolis of Brazil is produced. Such new company is called Sunyata Produtos Alternativos Ltda.

Since 1986 PON LEE has been providing high quality products, such as Alcoholic Propolis and Alcohol-Free Propolis in high concentration, which are produced with 100% GREEN PROPOLIS as raw material and special maturation for 1 year, making PON LEE Propolis a reliable quality product in Brazil and abroad.

Since 1995 products manufactured under brand PON LEE were transferred to Sunyata-Atibaia, and such company started new export businesses, not only with Japan, but also with other countries, such as USA, Taiwan, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia, China, Hong-Kong and European countries, among others.

Over the years, other Propolis-based products have been developed, such as Bee Pollen and Propolis Extract Alcohol Free and Propolis Glycerin Soap, in addition to more traditional products, such as Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Propolis Moisturizing Lotion, Propolis Ointment and Propolis Lip Balm.

SUNYATA PON LEE products are manufactured as per the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and HACCP rules and standards and according to rigorous norms of hygiene and processing.

The company is permanently subject to Health Inspection by the Department of Agriculture and is qualified as an exporter as per the establishment registry SIF 2292, issued by DIPOA /BRAZILILAN DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE.