Apiario Silvestre

Apiário Silvestre has existed since 1982, when the targeted consumption of apiculture products in Brazil was still very incipient. That is why our tradition has moved along with the gradual growth of consumption of these products.

The company was a pioneer in obtaining apiculture products registration in the Federal Inspection Service (SIF) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, already in 1986, with the extract of propolis, royal jelly and compound honey. Pioneerism has been our best reference in the market ever since, winning the respect of Associations, Councils and large industries.

The company's main products are special (non-ethanolic) glycol extracts of green propolis and bee pollen produced from premium raw materials and processed according to the strictest traceability, quality and risk control specifications. The Apiário Silvestre product line consists of honey and propolis, dehydrated pollen, fresh natural jelly and honey from bees, with varied flowering.

The Apiário Silvestre products have their quality and efficacy attested by the great recognition and prestige attributed by the Brazilian consumer market, and can be found, all over the national territory, in the best pharmacies of manipulation and stores of natural products.

We are also present in some of the world's most demanding markets, such as Canadian, Japanese and North American, where we have gained a growing number of well-informed and knowledgeable consumers looking for proven and safe natural products.